Quality In Careers - Newcastle

March 4th, Newcastle, Free

The DfE ‘strongly recommends’, in its Statutory Guidance, all schools to achieve the Quality in Careers Standard. Join us at this FREE event to find out how it helps schools and colleges not only to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks but also to ensure that your careers programmes secure career-related learning outcomes for your students and improved destinations

If you have not yet registered for the Quality in Careers Standard this event is a must.

Did you know that……

• Evidence shows that the Standard is having a significant impact. The strongest correlation for schools and colleges that achieve a higher number of Gatsby Benchmarks is those that have sought and achieve the Standard.

• That holding the Standard is correlated with better exam results and a positive impact on student destinations.

• Around 30% of schools and colleges currently have the standard or are working towards it.

The Quality in Careers Standard plays an important part in the Careers Strategy. It is the single, National quality award for careers education for schools, colleges and learning providers, and the only independent assessment of how schools and colleges are performing against the Gatsby Benchmarks. Monitoring this process is the foundation of the DfE Careers Strategy

At this event you will hear from school and college Careers Leaders about their journey towards the Standard, how they have implemented it and the positive impact it has had on their Students. You will also have the opportunity to hear from and speak to leaders from the Quality in Careers Consortium.

The Careers Leaders speaking at the Newcastle event are;

• TRIESTINA BOZZO, Careers Leader, Ryburn Valley High School, Sowerby Bridge, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

 MARTIN MOORMAN, Headteacher, Ravenscliffe Special School, Halifax, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

• LISA PACKER, Assistant Headteacher, Durham Sixth Form Centre, County Durham

Uniquely, there will be a ‘marketplace’ of the Awarding Bodies. This will give you the opportunity to meet several of them face-to-face and to explore how the Quality in Careers Standard could be implemented in your organisation.

Funded by the DfE and delivered by the Quality in Careers Consortium (in partnership with Aspire-Igen Group Ltd) we are holding three events nationally.


Discovery Museum, Newcastle, NE1 4JA,

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March 4th 2020



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The Quality in Careers Consortium