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Igniting students' enthusiasm for STEM by building an electric car

Students at Silverdale School in North Tyneside were given the opportunity to put their STEM skills into practise by building an IET Formula Goblin electric kit car.

Working in partnership with Greenpower Education Trust, a UK charity with an outstanding track record in kick starting careers in engineering, the team of young people at Silverdale School worked together to build and design the electric car. Students designed their own bodywork, allowing them to use their creative skills, and also considered what materials to use, especially ones that could be recycled.

Up to 18 young people at the school took part in the project, with six students given the chance to drive the completed car at a competitive event at Gateshead International Stadium that involved 30 different schools from across the North East.

Helping students to develop classroom and personal skills

The project has had a positive impact on students, who all suffer from Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. It allowed pupils to develop their social and team working skills, as well as spark their enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Despite not qualifying for a prize at the Gateshead International Stadium event, students remained upbeat and positive, and relished the opportunity to be involved. Comments from pupils included:

“Driving the car was mint! I loved going as fast as I could in the drag race.” (Year 6 student).

“My favourite part was the building of the car and making the spoiler.” (Year 6 student).

“I liked being part of a team and racing against other schools.” (Year 6 student).

Top tips for success:

  • Work in partnership with the experts at Greenpower Education Trust who can facilitate the step-by-step process of building the electric car.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary tools to complete the build.

Biggest challenges:

  • Not having all the required tools and equipment to complete the build and design of the electric car. This can be avoided by working with the team at Greenpower Education Trust.

What next?

Silverdale School plans to share contacts and possibilities for other departments (KS3) and the ARP to work with Greenpower Education Trust. It also plans to continue to adapt and work on its kit car so it can be entered in future competitive events.

For more details contact Jamie Gilbert, Primary Teacher at Silverdale School, on [email protected].