Work Experience Framework

Explore a range of resources to support and structure meaningful encounters

The Work Experience Framework has been developed to support employers to offer structured and meaningful encounters for young people, whilst enabling careers leaders to enhance their wider careers programmes.

The framework is composed of a range of resources and guides that support the employer and educator throughout the process with a range of activities for young people.

Flexibility allows for face to face, blended or fully virtual delivery. Comprised of sequenced yet customisable modules, the delivery of the framework can be adapted to best suit the preferences of the employer and educator.


How to guide

An overview of the Framework and its contents with insights as to how to plan, deliver and structure encounters between young people and employers with a focus on skill development. The guide highlights the flexibility and opportunity to customise the content and overall experience.

Work Experience Framework: How to Guide

Access modules

Explore the Work Experience Framework modules to support employer encounters and experiences of the workplace. Each module includes a module overview, a facilitator’s guide and a student resource pack.

Access module content here


I think we will use a blended model of virtual and in-person work experience in the future, so this has been an invaluable learning experience for our team. It also helped our wider staff team understand how their roles can support work experience, so it isn't just the Learning Team supporting this work. Employer feedback
My work experience was great, I learnt a lot, and I learnt many skills, I learnt how to write a CV and now know what is required before applying to a job. Student feedback
Using the Framework has allowed us to provide our partner businesses with a structure for them to deliver work experience with our students through the likes of company induction and workplace challenge Teacher feedback
89% of teachers facilitating the delivery of the work experience framework stated that it has “helped to plan and structure their engagement with employers Statistic

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12th July 2021

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Whether you are an employer or educator facilitating a placement using the Work Experience Framework, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) team are here to support you with queries, development of workplace challenges and overcoming any challenges you may face. If you wish to offer work experience but do not yet have links to schools or colleges, the North East LEP team can support brokering a suitable match.

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